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Transformation Tuesday!

THIS is why I love what I do and do what I love.....HELP TRANSFORM LIVES! Thank you so much Michelle for all of your hard work. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

I have completed 6 months of working with Anneliese- 12 weeks in the enlightened program and 12 weeks in the empowered program. All of it has flown by!

While entrenched in the program , it seems overwhelming; however, I have learned that those are the times I was changing!

My goals were lofty, but I felt they were doable. My WHY has been very ME focused- that is a new concept- I’m 52 years old and a wife and mother. Like many others, my life is not my own. Learning to put me consistently as a priority is and has been a challenging concept.

Overall, my joint pain reduced to zero or very little, my bloated ness went away, my sleep improved, and my activity level and energy increased. I lost 13 lbs and 16 inches. I am proud of those losses, and a little disappointed it wasn’t more. My goals were based on how well my sister did with these programs, and, well, we are not the same. Through all of the trainings and educational modules and one on one coaching calls, each week it was revealed to me that my triggers are personal to me and only me. The biggest transformation I have made is my mindset!!! Any success in life revolves around MINDSET, and I have made great strides here! I am much more comfortable with ME and I realize my contribution to my self sabotage and also my triggers that I encounter that trip me up and prevent me from winning more.

My next step is going to be me diving in deeper with Lynette and really do some intense Mind/Body study. I participated in the Know thy body, Know thy self intensive course that Anneliese and Lynette jointly led back in the fall. I found it intriguing and kooky, and I believe this is the “out of my comfort zone“ experience I need to continue to move forward into the next level of taking care of myself.

Today in church, we all chimed in and repeated our mission statement: Loving people, transforming lives, and making disciples. It really resonated with me today and made me realize that this is what Anneliese and this group are also about! As we follow through with Anneliese’s guidance, we learn to love on one another, lift each other up, and empower ourselves as we transform into the people we are truly meant to be- healthy, happy, full of life!

❤ Michelle




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