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Transformation Tuesday

What is it like to transform your life? 🤔

Is it hard? Or is that the story you tell yourself?

👉You tell yourself stories daily that just aren't true. You beat yourself up, convince yourself that you'll always be this way, so why even try to change!? Right? You tell yourself it's easier to stay the same than to try to change--but this just isn't true. How do I know? Well, I happen to have proof! In fact, it's the best kept secret!

😎You want in on it?

You ready?

Ok---here it goes--

LOOK AT NATURE! Yup, look at nature.

Nature transforms without force. Nature transforms with grace. It's like clockwork. Every season, nature transforms with ease. Nature allows, nature surrenders. Let's look at what nature needs:

1) Water

2) Nutrients

3) Sunshine (vit D)

4) Night time (sleep)

5) Stress free environment

💥You are no different than nature!💥



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