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Transformation Tuesday!

Again, another AMAZING transformation right here! This is what TRUE mindset shifts can accomplish along with some accountability and support! Check it out!

#testimonial This is my 16 week pictures side by side with the beginning pictures.

Total weight loss is 41.1 pounds and inches lost are 26.5. The last month has actually been a struggle for me, in particular the last 2 weeks. My weight has been all over the place but I just keep focusing on the fact that I feel better and the general trend of weight and inches is still downwards.

There will always be struggles, weight will always fluctuate, but it's the MINDSET that get you through those turmoils!!

Congrats my friend!!


TRX Tuesday!! Come and hang out in the Fuel Fitness Group Ex room and get a TRX workout in. You core will thank you! 12:10 - 12:50




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