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Truth... (Thank you Lisa for my WORD reminder)

⚡Truth is my word for 2021.

Every year I dive into what I want my life to look like as well as what word I want to encapsulate what I stand for.

⚡Truth is my word for 2021.

What is truth? Right now, it's pretty hard to determine. Truth seems to be vague, elusive, contradictory, confusing, aloof and just plain hard to find right now.

⚡Truth is my word for 2021.

This year I will find truth in all things. Truth in the divine, truth in the world, truth in my relationships and truth in myself.

⚡Truth is my word for 2021.

What is YOUR word for 2021?


FORCEFIT20 is Cardio fusion day. It's a day where we fuse Cardio with some strength and some insanity. You gonna make it? Fb live in the forcefit20 group at noon mst.

Wanna check it out?




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