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Wednesday Grateful Day!

🙏Sometimes you just gotta be grateful for all the little tests life throws your way. How ever you can honor those tests and show gratitude for them only brings you more growth. Through the tough times, you grow. I mean in leaps and bounds. The tests SHOW you where you are stuck and point you in the right direction. Tests are NEVER easy, hence why they are called "tests". It's how we choose to react to them that makes it or breaks it.

💥Instead of being upset, mad, depressed...what if we were THANKFUL for the opportunity to do better? What if showed gratitude and responded with love instead of anger. What would that do to our soul?

🧐If life were easy, we would never change. We wouldn't be challenged to step out of the dark box of comfort and into the light. Living in the light is BRIGHT! So bright that sometimes it's hard to see the darkness until we're shown it within ourselves.

That's the "test." What we choose to do with it = GROWTH!


Power strength is on tap today my peeps! 12:00 mst fb live in the Forcefit20 group.




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