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Wednesday words....

When a tree looks THIS spectacular you have to pause a moment and sit on top of it as if it's a throne!

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder--and in MY eye, this tree was magnificent. I could tell this tree had lived a thousand lives. It had been home to many birds, provided shelter for many animals and had contributed to the oxygen we ALL breathe.

I'm so grateful for the fresh air the trees provide for our planet, so grateful for the sun and the energy it provides for the trees and plants to grow, not to mention the vitamin D it gives to us. I'm SO grateful for you reading this post now!

You were meant to connect to nature today in a whole different way!

Thanks for reading!


It's Power Strength day! Let's throw some heavy stuff around today! You in?

Fb live 12:00 mst See you soon!



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