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What do you see?

You might see a couple of piles of rocks?

⚖I see a balance of the masculine and feminine in 2 piles of rocks.

It takes a balance of the masculine and feminine to make the world go around. It's easy to see when it gets out of balance, not only in the world but in ourselves.

Do we lead with force and control, or with tenderness and love? 🤔

Can love be forceful? Can tenderness be controlled? Is it both - and, or is it either - or?

💥I like to think it's both, and. We need BOTH to find balance. Without both we go sideways, we run rogue.

Find your balance...wanna chat?


Cardio strength/fusion is gonna be Balls to walls today! You coming? I'm on a mission, remember? forcefit20 12:00 mst fb live




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