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What to look for in an energy healer!

Interested in hiring an energy healer?

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the ‘right’ fit when looking for any type of energy healer. Trying to find an authentic healer with integrity is key to avoiding creating more trauma and truly healing your soul. But how? First of all, get clear on what it is you want help with, then do your RESEARCH!

Whether it’s an astrological chart reading you want, a Reiki session, a physical healing or clearing belief systems… do your research before diving into working with just anyone.

👉🏼 Here are some helpful hints to assist you on your healing path!

  1. Look for credentials! What experience do they have in the healing modalities? How long have they worked in the field? Do they have a website? Do they have an intake form? Do they have testimonials? Google reviews?

  2. Interview them! Set up an in person or phone consultation and ASK QUESTIONS! Find out what exactly an energy session looks like. How long is the session? What is the cost? Does it seem like a fair energy exchange for what you’ll be receiving?

  3. Listen to your gut! Do you notice a physical reaction to anything they are saying or doing? Do their words line up with their actions? Do you like their process? Does their energy feel like a good fit for your energy?

  4. Meditate on it! Ask for guidance from your guides and your higher self with each of the healer options at hand. Take time to be still before booking your session. You can also do a card draw or use a pendulum to help you if you need further guidance.

Taking the time to do the research will help you find exactly the right healer for YOU!

Cheers to healing!




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