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Women and Weed event success!

🙏🏼 Thank you Virago Co. for inviting me to be your guest speaker at your Women and Weed event! What a great turn out and opportunity to help women heal.

The topic: "Not your mother's sex talk"

Information was shared, laughs were abundant as were questions and comments. It's not often we as women have an opportunity to talk openly and learn about our pvssys. But that's what we did. 🤗

I shared some helpful tools to heal trauma, to normalize pvssy talk and to embrace ourselves AND our pvssy's as we heal personally and collectively. Our pvssy is our sacred center of creation--where all life begins. If you want to tap into your creativity, then tap into pvssy. She has much to share!

I'm talking about HOW!

Because... it's NOT our fault to heal our trauma---it IS our responsibility. There are plenty of tangible tools you can use to heal trauma such as using a:

  • Dearmouring wand

  • Crystal Yoni Egg

  • Mirror

  • Personal lubricant

However, the internal work must be done as well as the hands-on tangible work. This can include:

  • Breathwork

  • Thetahealing

  • Crystal Reiki

  • EFT tapping

  • Emotion code

If you're interested in diving deeper into what this is all about--hit me up! Happy to help!

Meanwhile...sending you so much love and power to the Pvssy!


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