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Working out...

👉I get asked questions a LOT about working out.

And the main one is:

🤷‍♂️"How long should I be working out and how many days a week!"

Truth is, what is your primary goal?

💪If it's to gain strength, then strength train total body 3X a week, or 6X a week rotating muscle groups.

💪If it's to gain stamina and endurance, then do cardio 2X a week, long bouts and shorter cardio workouts 3X a week.

💪If it's to gain overall strength and cardio, then do cardio/strength 3X a week, cross train 2X a week.

😍There's no right or wrong answers here. Mainly it's about what works best for YOU!! How much time do your have? What are you willing to do to get your results? And of course remember:


If you know me or anything about my philosophy about exercise, I believe in exercising smarter not longer. 🧐

😍I love H.I.I.T. workouts, Tabata's, and Power strength workouts. They are effective, short and great for the metabolism!

🤗If you NEED a quick workout and want the biggest bang for your buck, join me every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday via fb LIVE at 12:00 mdt. or you can always catch the replay. Click the link to join!


Let's do a Metabolic workout today!! WOW! You're gonna love this. 20 minutes of pure fun?! Fb Live in the Forcefit20 group at 12:00 mdt. You coming?? (never too late to join).




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