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A girl with a gun...

I never really grew up around guns. So I didn't know much about them or the importance of gun safety. (Of course until I met Tim).

I had the pleasure of going to the shooting range with Tim and my sonny boy Austin and we shot pistols. I got a GREAT lesson from Tim, and enjoyed watching Tim and Austin shoot their rifles.

I was thinking to myself how fortunate we are to live in a place that we can do that. How cool that we are able to learn from each other about HOW to shoot and what is safe and what is NOT safe.

One of the biggest take aways from the day for me was: EMPOWERMENT.

I talk alot about empowerment in my coaching programs....why? Because if we are not empowered we are victims.

I've lived as a victim as well as an empowered woman. Let me tell you, I like being empowered MUCH better!

3 Cheers for empowerment! What empowers you?


FORCEFIT20 strength day/Booty/belly day! Oh YAY! You coming? See you at noon mdt fb live.




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