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Are you stable?

Stability ball workouts are THE BOMB!


1) Stability balls (SBs) challenge the core

2) SBs allow you to modify any move

3) SBs isolate muscle groups

4) SBs are easy on the joints

5) SBs make working out fun and help you change things up

Here's a GREAT workout:

3 sets/15 reps

Ball/wall squats = (place a SB against a wall with your back on the ball- then squat down and up) the ball will move on the wall.

Hamstring pull ins = As shown in the picture (place your feet on the ball, bridge up with your hips while pulling the ball into your butt and then back out.

Push ups = lie with belly on the ball walk forward with your hands until your shins are on the ball (or toes) and perform push ups keeping a plank. To modify, bring the ball closer to your core.

Hand offs = lying on your back, place the SB between your ankles and put your hands above your head. Sit up into a V, lifting the ball up and hand it off to your hands, then repeat.


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