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Celebrate life

Gosh, what a great way to celebrate life than to go the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Surprise, AZ. If you get a chance to go...DO IT!

This place is magical. You can literally hike for hours and never see the same thing twice. This is what celebrating life means to me.

The air smells so fresh and clean, the plants have completely adapted to life there and are so vital and green. The wildlife is literally everywhere you look. It feels like a celebration.

It because life IS a celebration. You can celebrate life every day if you choose. Do you want to live it or dread it? It's always a choice, if you choose to dread and just "get through" the day that's your choice.

If you choose to celebrate life everyday however, it's a lot easier to "get through" the day.

Just saying...


Replay day! You get to choose when you do it! The workout will be in the announcements section at 6:00am. Get your groove on!



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