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Chronic pain truths...

So, let's talk real talk....

💥Back pain💥

I am just coming back from a serious back injury (self induced). 🙈 Yes, it was literally a gardening injury. I had just returned from an amazing cranial sacral treatment, felt so good that I thought it might be a good idea to spend 5 1/2 hours planting my raised garden bed, pulling weeds, and pretty much being bent over without taking a break.

Basically, I couldn't stand straight up for the next 2 days. I lost a full week of teaching classes and working out, standing, sitting and sleeping was torture.

🤔What did I do to bounce back--SO much! I foam rolled, went to the chiropractor, did energy work with healers, but mostly--I dove into ME! That's what worked!

👉 In working with the healers, I was able to sit with the pain, ask it questions and ultimately free it! I discovered that it was an old ancestral wound that was triggered by the cranial sacral work. The gardening brought it to the surface. Because I was curious and wanted more information, I was able to release it. And POOF! No more back pain!

🤯 I know this may sound crazy--but experiencing is believing. I'm a believer now that in some cases, we carry the wounds of our ancestors. They are trapped in our bodies until we release them and stop the cycle.

Bottom line: If you can't get rid of pain and you've tried everything--it might not be yours!!

Questions? Hit me up!


Part 3 Menopause symptoms coming your way...stay tuned!


And boy oh boy do I have some EXCITING news to share with you! Coming in JULY!!



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