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Desperation leads to desperate measures.

I was so desperate to lose weight after having my last child that it became my driving force.

I worked out all through my second pregnancy and managed to only gain 18 pounds. That was all great, but after my baby girl was born the weight just wouldn’t come off.

When I went back to teaching group exercise, I hated the way I felt and looked in my skin. As a group exercise instructor, I really thought that I needed to walk the walk and talk the talk and if I couldn’t do that--then I was a fraud. Here I was embarrassed that I couldn’t shake the weight and therefore couldn’t be the role model I felt I needed to be; so I resorted to unhealthy behaviors.

I was desperate to get the weight off. So desperate in fact that I found myself doing CRAZY things. I started with food deprivation (which isn’t good when you’re breastfeeding). Then I started over exercising. I would workout for 3 hours at a time, then not eat. When that didn’t work, I decided that I needed to do a body wrap. (The rage back then was with saran wrap - not kidding).

I spent so much money on gimmicks, get thin quick fixes. I tried every supplement known to humankind, every diet, every detox plan--you name it, I did it. And all I got out of it was more frustration. Nothing seemed to work.

It was out of desperation that I became inspired to solve the age old question of “how to lose weight and keep it off”. I became a voracious reader, researcher and sponge if you will. After I got my Personal Trainer certification it became my mission to solve this puzzle, not only for myself, but for EVERYONE struggling to lose weight. I understand the struggle, the hopelessness and pain. . I understand the depression and embarrassment that comes with weight gain. I know what it feels like to be desperate. I don’t want anyone to feel desperate because there is an answer.

After trying everything in the book, I realized that maybe the book wasn’t the right one for me. Turns out I was right! There is NOT one size fits all. Everything I was trying was for the masses and not for me. So I set out on a quest to find what worked for me. I learned a ton and was able to solve the weight loss puzzle once and for all. I can’t express the feelings of freedom from food I experienced. I was finally able to turn my desperation into inspiration. Inspiration to help free others from the control and power of food over their minds and bodies.

If this inspired you at all, and you are desperate to change your life. I understand! I would love to help you find out what works for you. Send me a message and let’s talk.


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