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🐔Here's a little picture to demonstrate the difference between free range organic eggs and store bought eggs. Just a little hint, the bright orange ones are the free range organic ones!

Let's discuss:

✅First of all, it's important to understand what free range actually means. In a nut shell, it means that the chickens are allowed to roam free outside of a cage, forage for food and be birds. Most likely, these birds are HAPPY and happy birds produce happy eggs! Happy = stress free = healthy eggs.

✅Store bought eggs are usually laid by birds that are kept in small cages or the cage-free chicken houses. They are fed pelleted foods, live in extremely hot and crowded conditions, and do not live a natural lifestyle at all. As you might imagine, these birds are probably not happy. Unhappy = stress = unhealthy eggs.

Would you believe that the nutritional value of farm fresh eggs is different from those in the store? Well, there is. You will find that farm fresh eggs have less of the bad stuff in them, like cholesterol and saturated fat. Yet, they have more of the good stuff, like omega-3’s and Vitamins A, D, and E. It makes sense when you stop and think about it though.

If you consume eggs from a free range chicken that has eaten a healthy more natural diet and been given the opportunity to roam and exercise, then the bird is healthier and should pass that on to their eggs. But if you purchase eggs that have been produced by hens that have little room to exercise and eat a processed diet, then that will show up in their eggs.

💣Oh, and a little tip: DON'T wash free range eggs!! Why? Washing dirty eggs removes the bloom and invites bacteria to be drawn inside the egg. And washing eggs in cool water actually creates a vacuum, pulling unwanted bacteria inside even faster. (Of course, not all bacteria is bad, but you never know what may be lurking on the outside, so better safe than sorry.) 💥

Enjoy!! 🐣


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