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Feeling scattered?


👉🏽 I love being able to share things that help people heal! And Tamed Wild does such a good job of sharing this information, that I'm compelled to pass it on. Take a read....

Kate Belew Rituals & Spells 11/04/2022 10:19am 3 minute read

What is a Calling Your Energy Back Ritual? A Calling Your Energy Back Ritual is a simple ritual that you can keep in your magical toolbox to rely on when you’re feeling ungrounded, scattered, or as if parts of your energy body have been left in external conversations, contracts, or agreements that you’ve made over time. Sometimes, without realizing it, energy can become fragmented, and this simple mantra, ritual, and invocation can be all that is needed to remind the individual of their sovereignty and wholeness. Witches know that the best time to learn a spell or a simple piece of magic is before it is needed - so that it can be called upon or shared in times of need. How to Practice a Calling Your Energy Back Ritual The main foundation of this ritual is knowing that all you are is already enough and that no one could ever take that from you. You are a whole being, a beautiful being. You are a total miracle. First, become grounded in your space however you best do that, take a deep breath (or a few), allow yourself to arrive in the present moment, turn off the distractions in your space (if you're able), and call on any guides, ancestors, or deities that you have a relationship with. If you’re in a more chaotic environment, that’s okay, do the best that you can with what you have. The Calling Your Energy Back Invocation Speak aloud… I call all my energy back to myself from all commitments, known and unknown all past lives, known and unknown all realms, known and unknown and from all that surrounds me, no matter the intention. I am a sovereign being. I honor myself, my joy, and my existence here on Earth. I call all my energy back. I am whole, full, and divine. So mote it be or something better. Repeat daily as needed. And if you feel called to, write your version of this invocation in your voice. When these affirmations are done in the practitioner's words and imbued with specific intentions, they can even be more powerful. Although it can feel intimidating to craft spells, know that there are many ways to do so and that the most important part is sincerity. Whether using these words, or your own, copy them onto a piece of paper and keep it somewhere that you can be reminded of it and see it daily. **Note: The Calling Your Energy Back ritual exists in as many different forms and iterations as there are practitioners. And so, thank you to all who have come before and passed down this knowledge.


Just in case you need added support, reach for any turquoise you my have, hold it on your heart, burn some mugwort and trust in the process that your energy is being rinsed in the light of divine and returned to you for your highest good!

Share your experience of calling back your energy!




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