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Getting physically fit is tough!

I had the pleasure of helping these Cub Scouts earn their physical fitness badge! They converged on the Force Fitness Studio and performed a fit test consisting of 8 exercises timed for 1 minute each! They NAILED it! You wanna give it a try? Here's what they did:

1) Air squats

2) Push ups

3) Burpees

4) Dips

5) Bicycles

6) Hover

7) Jumping jacks

8) Pull ups

These kids were literally troopers in every sense of the word. They listened to directions, followed orders and got a great sweat on! Good luck in your future endeavors kids!


Wanna get some Power Strength on today? See you at Fuel Fitness 12:10 - 12:50! You coming?


You don't get what you wish get what you work for!


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