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Happy Full Worm Moon and Eclipse in ♎

My oh my .... are you feeling the energies?? I sure am and yes, they are intense.

Blah, blah, blah.....what does it all mean in laywoman's terms?

This eclipse in Libra, is a revisiting of what happened for us 19 years ago. It's all about relationships--endings and beginnings. As for me, I was going through a divorce which forced me to make some career changes. And now, once again, I'm making some career changes (no divorce--so that's good). It's just so cool to see how this really is a thing.

I'm observing me stepping out of my Personal Trainer role and into my Metaphysical Trainer role. All along, I had no idea where my desire to learn about Astrology came from; my desire to become a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master, and Theta Healer... until now. Step by step, I was being guided the whole way to this very moment in time, so I could 'see' what exactly I was meant to do.

Observing my transition in life/career, with 3 grandbabies on the way and my desire to be with them physically (geographically) and wondering how that was going to happen has been quite a journey of true surrender. As I write this, I sit in awe of the divine timing with such deep gratitude for it all, with tears streaming down my face. 🥹

I can't believe it, but in 5 months I will have my Mystic Astrologer certification which will allow me to be either online or in person helping heal the masses, incorporating my new tools along with my old ones. I can't wait to STEP in to this new beginning 100%.

CHANGE is never easy, but it's the one constant we can always rely on. Right now, I am still in both worlds. I still love what I do, I always will....but I see SO much more potential and healing to be done! So, want to know more about the metaphysical? Have I peaked your interest? HA!

What is ending for you, or beginning for you?

(Pic. of 10 mile creek. I love how it represents the ending of winter AND the beginning of spring all at the same time!)




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