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Happy Memorial Day!

🙏🏽 Let us take a moment to honor those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Freedom--what does it mean? Do we honor our OWN freedom? 🦅

  • Do we take advantage of using our voice? Or do we shut down, clam up?

  • Do we take care of our body? Or do we abuse it because we can?

  • Do we do what we want when we want? Or do we try to control what we do or don't do?

👉Whatever the case may be, freedom is CHOICE! We are SO fortunate we have the CHOICE to do what we want or say what we want, (within reason of course - legally ha!)

I guess I'm feeling sentimental, blessed, contemplative? I wanted to share my thoughts and hope you feel that you can share yours uninhibited!

Enjoy your day to it's FULLEST!






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