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Happy New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries ♈! Hold on to your hats, we're going for a ride!

THIS is a once in a lifetime (for some of us) experience. People from all over the United States are traveling south to get a glimpse of this spectacle. The energies are all about initiating, starting something, beginnings and planting seeds.

Questions to contemplate:

  1. What do I want to plant, grow, or manifest in my life?

  2. How am I showing up and taking action in my life?

  3. Where do I need to be more authentic in my life?

Take advantage of the energies presented by the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon. Don't take anything too seriously, laugh instead of argue. Surrender instead of fight and hold space by taking the higher road in any conflict or triggers you might be experiencing and know....

That this too shall pass!

(Need help navigating? I'm always here!




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