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Happy - sad, Fit - fat fa la la la la.....

What is happiness? Is it hard to find? Are you fit, but still feel fat no matter what you do?

Does the scale determine your mood every day? If it's down a pound are you happy, then sad the next day when it's up 2 pounds?

Do you work out all the time and know you are fit on the inside, but your appearance on the outside doesn't reflect that?

I can relate to ALL of these things because I lived them.

I allowed the scale and my appearance to dictate my mood daily. I worked out religiously, I weighed daily and STILL couldn't find that balance that my mind needed to set me free.

Learning to eat for my body type allowed me the freedom I so longed for. Using the scale as a GAUGE for inflammation instead of a judgement of my weight was life changing.

Our perception of our appearance is riddled in personal judgement and persecution when we don't understand what works for us individually!

WHAT WORKS is knowledge, and knowledge is empowering and freeing!

What you don't know CAN hurt you!!

Are you ready to learn what works for you and get empowered?

There is no progress without compromise, no victory without sacrifice.



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