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Know thy body, Know thy "Self"

When you get the call to wake up---you answer it! 📞

✨6 months ago I started working with Lynette Allen, consciousness coach. I never imagined what was about to happen in my life.

🤷‍♀️Little did I know that saying YES to the journey was about to propel me into healing my deepest, darkest secrets. In fact, secrets I didn't even know existed. It's been revealed to me just how important healing is in conquering our demons and bringing the darkness into the light.

✔I learned why I keep repeating my same patterns....mistakes. I learned that I was only solving my problems, not dissolving them. I realized that band-aids only last so long before they fall off. I RIPPED the band-aid off and exposed my wound to the light to it could heal for GOOD.

👉If YOU want to learn more about YOU and why you can't "figure it out" or you know something bigger and better is out there waiting for you but you can't put your finger on it, then join our 2 week Know Thy Body, Know Thy "Self" intensive. Learn about how the body AND the spirit must find balance in order to work together for your highest good!

💥Want the deets?💥


Forcefit20 happens today at 12:00 mdt. You coming? Can't wait to see you....fb live via Forcefit20 group.



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