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Life is a little sweeter...

💕Life is always a little sweeter when you have someone special to share it with.

👉Who's your rock? Do you have a support system?

👉What do you do when you're feeling lost, hopeless?

👉When times get tough do you reach out? Or do you retreat?

👉What are your coping mechanisms? We all have them. It's just a matter of them being healthy or unhealthy.

Enter: emotional eating, binge eating, and purging or starvation.

💥It's when we feel MOST out of control that we control the one thing we can: FOOD.

😳9 times out of 10 we can trace these types of eating patterns back to childhood.

Did your parents reward you with food? Were you required to 'clean your plate'? Did you get a treat every night before bed? Did your mom make home made cookies every week? Did you always have a "special" snack after school? All these things contribute to our eating patterns later in life. 🤔


If none of those resonate take a look at what could be missing!

Examples: What are we missing in life?

1) Sweetness? (equals sugar cravings)

2) Love? (equals comfort food)

3) Adventure? (equals salt cravings)

4) Joy? (equals addictions)

5) Acknowledgement? (equals treats/snacks)

🙏Hope you found this helpful!

Which resonates with YOU❓


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