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Me and my shadow...

Shadow work...

It's a thing. In fact, I didn't even know what that was until 3 years ago. Now that I do, WOW--has my life changed. (in a good way!)

Shadow work gets a bad wrap. Even the term, shadow work, sounds "bad". But in reality, shadow work heals. So, if you're wondering what shadow work is... simply put, it allows you to see YOU! We all carry wounding from past lives and/or childhood. The only way we can 'see' our shadow is for someone else to reflect it to you. This reflection sometimes comes in the form of a trigger.

If you find yourself irritated, frustrated, or angry (to name a few low vibing emotions), then you are being triggered. The negative emotion you are experiencing is being reflected to you from the person (or situation) that triggered you.

How to heal a trigger?

1) RECOGNIZE that you are being triggered. That's the FIRST step in healing it. Rather than blaming the other person for ticking you off, take a look at the role you are playing in the trigger.

2) ASK yourself what emotion you are truly feeling about the trigger. A trigger is usually attached to a belief system or trapped emotion installed during childhood, or carried with you through multiple lifetimes.

3) RELEASE the belief the trigger/emotion is attached to and install a positive belief and emotion. Give yourself grace and gratitude for discovering and healing the trigger.

👉🏽 Triggers are not limited to just emotional pain. They can manifest in the body as PHYSICAL pain. Through muscle testing you can actually find trapped emotions causing any physical pain, then release them as well as dig deeper to find any belief systems that do not serve you for the highest good!

THIS is my passion--helping people do the hard stuff, SHADOW WORK, working through triggers, releasing trapped emotions and healing CHRONIC PAIN--mental, physical and emotional!

Want to learn more? Check out my Body Consciousness sessions...



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