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Monday motivation

So I hired a coach!! (or 2).

Running a business is hard work! Being an entrepreneur is hard work! There's no way I could do this alone. NO WAY! Having a business mentor/coach has enabled me to do what I do as a coach and as a business owner by far.

Was it hard to ask for help...YES! I really didn't know I needed help until I found out just how badly I needed a coach to help me take my business to the next level. Had I not seen his ad on FB, I probably wouldn't have reached out.

But the ad actually inspired me to check out what it all entailed.

Was I scared? HELL YAH! The whole social media online thing was a new beast for me. I've always trained in person. Change is scary and this was a HUGE change for me.

Turns out it was the BEST thing I ever did for me AND my business. Having a coach/mentor is so important for personal and professional growth!

In fact, SO important I invested in MYSELF again. Totally worth it financially. Watch out world--I'm getting certified to be the BEST mindset coach out there! Thanks FitStory guys!

I'll ALWAYS have a coach!

Who's yours?




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