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Motivation Monday!

What a crazy time this is---but what can you do besides ROLL WITH IT! Self care is ESSENTIAL right now people!!

Thought I would pass along some tips that get me through stressful times. Feel free to share some of your best tips as well!

Get plenty of REST!! Sleep is essential for recovery.

Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in water DAILY! Water is life giving, and while your at it, make it WARM lemon water!

Eat your veggies! Keep the acid at bay and bring on the alkalinity! Disease thrives in an acidic world!

BREATHE!!! De-stress! Stress raises cortisol levels which breaks down the immune system.


I'll be going LIVE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Noon this week! Set a reminder on your phone and WORKOUT WITH ME!! Which brings me to my LAST tip!!




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