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Motivation Monday!

You can't make this stuff up! This is an unfiltered pic taken on top of Mount Ascension. Just look at the amazing colors. It was a glorious day to be alive!! 🙏

🌺Sometimes I have to pinch myself as a constant reminder that I actually live here and can take in such beauty in person rather than in a painting or in a picture.

It's surreal that our great outdoors is in our own back yard. We have the ability to take it in whenever our heart so desires. ⛰

😞But what about when our heart desires it, but our bodies can't make it happen?

Hiking is a whole different beast then walking. hike

👶But just like with walking, you have to learn to crawl first.

Start small. Pick a mountain you want to tackle. Challenge yourself to hike for just 10 minutes. Maybe you hike up for 5 minutes, then turn around and go back down for 5 minutes. Do it daily.

💧Take water, take breaks. No one is judging or watching. It's just you and the mountain. The mountain WANTS you to tackle it. It wants you to take in the beauty. It wants you to respect it. Cherish your time with the mountain, give it thanks when you are finished and do it all again tomorrow!




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