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🛶 Navigating....


What do I mean by navigating? I mean--understanding what I signed up for in this lifetime.

💫 After my initial astrological chart reading, my whole life FINALLY made sense. I always wondered why I had to try every diet known to wo/man, why I had all my physcial issues, and why I was so driven to heal my body.

Let's just call it: Navigating my NODES! To be more specific, my north and south nodes. To put it simply - the north node is like your north star (we all have nodes) ha! It's your compass, where your headed in this lifetime. And the south node is where you've been in past lives. It's the karma you are trying to heal.

🫠 Sounds so simple, but as we all know...this navigating can prove quite challenging. So--I say, I'm learning how to navigate ME!

Observing my physical challenges throughout my life such as Reynauds, Hypothyroidism, weight gain, joint pain, energy management (to name a few), I've come to realize---I SIGNED UP FOR THIS!! 😤

With my north node in the 6th House (the body, mundane, routine) and my south node in the 12 house (the mystical, addictions, intuition).... I'm learning how to navigate my body while healing addictions (for me it was/is food).

🤪 Knowing this "very helpful" piece of information has freed me. I now understand my WHY I'm here and what I signed up for. WHEW! Let me tell you....WORTH the challenges.

I HIGHLY recommend finding out what YOU are navigating. It really is helpful!!

In the meantime....I'll be...



Wanna find out what YOU'RE navigating?




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