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Peace Rose

This is a Peace Rose. Little did I know when I planted it, just how valuable it would be to my sanity. ✌

When life seems turbulent, topsy turvey and non-sensicle I just go outside and take a whiff! It's literally one of the most fragrant roses ever. Roses are SO very powerful. They possess the highest level of vibrational energy of all things. Just taking one deep inhale of this beauty changes ALL reality. 🌹

💗I love talking about vibrational energy because we all possess it. Whether it's negative, or positive we all vibrate at a certain frequency.

🍋I know when life is throwing lemons, one after another, it's SO important to change the energy and negativity surrounding the event. But how??


🙏Start with gratitude. Literally STOP what you are doing and make a list of all the things you are grateful for.

I talk about this with my clients all the time. It's so easy to get frustrated, depressed, obsessed with the scale or how things are going in the world.

One way to combat the negative feelings or negative self talk is to CHANGE your thoughts with gratitude and....

STOP and smell the roses! 🌹

How do you change your thoughts?


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