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Sansa says....

Hi, I'm Sansa,

I like to think I run the show at my house. For the most part I do. I indulge my mom and dad sometimes and allow them to think that THEY do. But it's really me.

I like to leave little tokens of appreciation for them all over so they don't forget me. They like finding my little fuzzy mice in my water bowl, in their bed, in mom's makeup bag, in the laundry. Basically, where ever I see fit.

I like to be chased and never caught because I like to keep them in shape. They are so silly when they chase me. Don't they know I'm faster than they are?

I like to sleep all day long and then play at night when they are ready for bed. I don't understand how they have their days and nights mixed up. So weird.

If I had to share some words of advice to you reading would be:

1) Be grateful for all that you have. Enjoy ALL the little gifts your receive throughout the day.

2) Run, exercise--stay in shape so you can play with whomever and whatever when ever you want.

3) Sleep when you can! It's NOT over rated and you don't win any prizes by depleting yourself of it.

This is sage're welcome,




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