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Sourdough bread follow up!

Shout outs to Janet Welsh and Linda Robertson for so generously offering up their starter for sourdough bread! WOW! Feeling SO blessed! Thank you ladies and thank you EVERYONE for showing so much interest in my sourdough bread post.

It's truly amazing how small little changes can impact your life. Many people were interested in Beppe's recipe from Italy. IF you truly want to make your own starter here's how according to

Once you have the sourdough, these are Beppe's instructions:

Starter - refresh daily, 20-25 days - add flour and water

Every 5 days, cut in half, add brewer's yeast to half you want to bake (pinch from the block of yeast) + mix, bake as outlined below.

To bake, cut starter in half, shape gently, let rise 20 min. cut in 4ths and shape into rustic logs on the towel, let rise 45 min min more, transfer to pan. Bake at 464F (250 degrees) for 15, 410F (200 degrees) for 30 then 464 (200) for 10 ish-20

Beppe uses semolina flour and it must be ORGANIC!!


You can get some starter from a great friend!


Buy it at Great Harvest or Sunflower Bakery, which is where this pic is from!!



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