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Spring can't come soon enough...

When you're ready for spring, but it can't come soon enough.

Anyone else get the winter blues?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real thing.

What is it?

It's simply a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons.

What are some of the possible symptoms?

*Feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day

*Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed

*Having low energy

*Having problems with sleeping

*Experiencing changes in your appetite or weight

*Feeling sluggish or agitated

*Having difficulty concentrating

*Feeling hopeless, worthless or guilty

*Having frequent thoughts of death or suicide

What can we do about it?

>Get outside and get some fresh air

>Take Vit. D 3 supplements daily

>Get light therapy

>Try some relaxation techniques such as yoga or tai chi

>Try guided meditations

>Listen to music

>Check out art therapy

Whatever you do....don't suffer alone.

Any other thoughts? Please share!!


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