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Testimonial Tuesday!

One of my FAVORITE things to share is CLIENT transformations! This woman here is TRULY a force! She's Fearless, Original, Resilient, Confident and most of all EMPOWERED! That's WHAT FORCE stands for! Here's her story:

#scalewin At the end of my 12 weeks, I'm down 36-38 lbs. I've learned how I fluctuate 1-2 lbs in the same range and then BAM - I will drop 2-3 lbs and the fluctuate within a new range for a while. By sticking to this program longer than two weeks (like every other diet I've tried), I've been able to learn how my body reacts to losing weight. So, if the scale is not going down every day, I don't despair.
#nonscalewin SO MANY!
I have so much energy. And, everything is easier (and better) without my big belly in the way. Including sex
My husband doesn't want me to lose any more weight. He thinks I'm absolutely perfect the way that I am now.
My body feels so great that I'm past the yikes, this eating less really makes me suffer. Eating this way makes me feel good because everything that I'm eating is not making me or my body suffer.
I had my heath screening the other day and my blood pressure is back to normal (with meds). Last year, with meds, it was really high, but this year I'm doing much better. Also, I really loved the scale at the health screening. It was 8 lbs different than my scale at home.
Tip: Don't get your hair cut when your weight loss is about to be visible because everyone will just think that your hair cut makes you look thin and wonder why you didn't change it years ago!
MOST OF ALL - I have hope! What a gift. Truly, I thought it was my destiny to be pinned into the life of an overweight person - always trying to find the biggest life jacket when rafting. Being the one that my family has to wait for on a hike. THANK YOU ANNELIESE.