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Testimonial Tuesday

Hey friends, nothing speaks louder than the words of people who have experienced true healing miracles. I wanted to share the experience of Diana who came to me with foot pain.

My right foot has caused me problems for about 6 years. I've been to PT, chiropractors, massage, and even a foot doctor for X-rays. NOTHING HELPED!! I was reluctant to go to Anneliese, but decided to try anyway even though I was very skeptical.
In the first session, she did thorough testing and gave me exercises and stretches that helped immediately. In the second session, she asked why I kept stubing my right toe. We got to the bottom of the 'thing' under the 'thing' with ThetaHealing. (The right foot is about moving forward).
In my third and fourth session, we continued to do corrective exercises by following the pain. The pain moved to my calves. With ThetaHealing and Emotion Code, we cleared even more issues.
If you have chronic pain, I highly recommend a session with Anneliese. She will help your body, mind and spirit! I am so grateful!

Thanks Diana, for giving it a try and setting aside your skepticisim!




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