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The more I got into motherhood, the more I lost touch with who I truly was.

I quit working and lost who I was to start a family.

During that time in my life I worked as a death claims processor at a credit union in Great Falls, Mt. I had worked my way up from being a bank teller since my high school summers! Was it my passion? No, but it paid the bills and helped my get my college degree. I had many aspirations to use my college degree in Organizational Communication after graduating.

After graduating from Providence University, in Great Falls MT, I had my first child. I struggled with dropping him off at daycare and hearing all the wonderful things he did while I worked. I couldn’t take it (I lasted only 3 days going back to work). I realized that I would rather stay home and raise him then go to work. So I did.

I put my all of my energy into my new baby boy and being a stay at home mom. I became so involved I let go of all the things I used to do for me. Then I had another baby, a baby girl. My friends changed, my life changed and my world revolved around raising my kids, being a wife and homemaker. Slowly, I lost who I was. I didn’t even think about what my career aspirations were anymore. They didn’t matter. Nothing mattered because I loved being a mom.

Being a mom had become my new identity. Although I taught group exercise classes while my kids were little, it wasn’t until they went to school full time that I realized I wanted...needed something more.

I needed to find me again.

I knew I once had the desire to work, but I knew it wasn’t in banking. Teaching aerobic classes had become my outlet, but that was only for 1 hour a couple hours a week. But during that hour I changed lives and motivated people to really push themselves. I found that SO rewarding.

So much so, that I became a personal trainer to take changing lives to another level. I was finding myself again. I soon realized that my passion for fitness could be turned into a career of helping others change their lives. The more I helped others change their lives, the more my life was changed. There’s no better reward than helping others discover themselves again just like I had. I wasn’t ONLY a mother anymore, I was a life changer in all ways. I was a new person with a real purpose bigger than myself.

If you’ve lost your purpose or who you are, please reach out. I would love to help you find yourself again!


Let's get that 1st strength training class under the belt! Don't wait til next week! JUST DO IT!! See you soon. Fuel Fitness 12:10 - 12:50



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