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The results are IN!

Last week we wrapped up the RISE UP 2 week challenge and boy oh boy I can't wait to share the results!! 😎

😯During those 2 weeks we learned about habits, grace, who and why we are, sugar, gut health, supplemental must haves, wall sits, 10,000 steps, water intake, lymph movement and SO much more. We laughed, we cried, we shared we transformed. It was a great 2 weeks for sure.

👉Here are some of the take-aways... PEOPLE ARE COMPETITIVE! HA! I gave away GREAT prizes! Our winners include: Shelly who won a pack of Booty Builder bands, John who won a Fitbit, Brittany who won a Just Tapped gift cert., Sandy who won a mindset gift card set, and the Grand prize, a Force Fitness WELLNESS bag, went to Angie Optiz! Congrats to ALL!

A total of 67 people signed up for the challenge, of those, 20 people submitted their weight lost and inches lost! Check out these results‼

🥁Drum roll please

78 pounds lost and 43 1/2 inches lost in just 2 weeks! 🤷‍♀️💪

Crazy right? Want to know how they did it? 👇



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