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The road less traveled

My journey has not been an easy one. But is anyone's? For whatever reason, I prefer to take the road less traveled. I mean, why go the traditional route when I can make my own way kicking and screaming!?!

I have always been pretty independent or so I thought...until I was in the middle of a divorce, raising 2 kids and trying to navigate life not only for myself, but for my kids as well. That's when I realized I REALLY was independent - financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. I had no choice but to pull up my big girl panties, put a smile on my face and go to work every day and be that cheerleader/trainer for everyone so I could take care of my kids and pay the bills.

I didn't dare let on that I was barely making ends meet. I didn't want my kids to know, my friends to know or ANYONE to know for that matter. I was embarrassed, ashamed and just down right exhausted. I felt myself going through the motions much of the time.

I suppose I could have gotten a "REAL" job instead of working as a personal trainer. Many well - meaning people suggested that to me over and over. They would say "you should really get a job that pays you a salary and has benefits". "You should get a job with set, normal working hours and weekends off". Personal trainers do not receive any of that. There aren't really any set hours, no salary and definitely no benefits. If my clients didn't show up, I didn't get paid. If I was sick, I didn't get paid. And vacations? Forget about it. I couldn't afford those! It was a challenge making ends meet financially to say the least.

But I just couldn't envision myself doing anything else but help people. So, that's what I did. I accepted my challenges; and my journey was mine - no one else's. I continued to work as a trainer, struggle financially and dealt with my exhaustion to the best of my ability. Can you relate? Share in the comments.

To be continued - - stay tuned!!


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