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The time has come...

🥹 One of the hardest things you will ever do…is CHANGE what you have been doing for the last 32 years!!!

🤯 Yup! it's time to hang up my Group Instructor hat and put on my grandma hat, and next phase of life hat! Believe it or not, I've been struggling with this idea for quite some time. When I kept going from one injury to another, that should have been the sign, but NOOOOO, not for Anneliese. HA! It took me a while to come around, but I finally did! I'm ready to be a grandma, do some traveling, hang with my kids and free up some more time.

🤸🏽‍♀️ I started teaching classes when I lived in Minot, ND at the Family YMCA! I made SO many friends there–it was tough to leave. I taught at the Y for 3 years before moving to Helena, Mt and teaching at Crossroads.

🏠 Crossroads was my home for 7 years where I met some AMAZING people who I’m still friends with today before transitioning to The Broadwater Athletic Club.

3️⃣ I worked at all three clubs - the DAC, the Life Fitness Center and Broadwater West. I raised my kids at these day cares I was there so much! Ha! GREAT TIMES! Life changed for me with my divorce, the Downtown club closing, followed by the Life Fitness Center which forced me to get a 9 - 5 job at BLUE CROSS! Teaching didn’t stop for me there however.

➕ I continued to teach at the church right behind Blue Cross. We worked out on the hill and made the absolute best of it. This is also where Parkfit was born! FREE WORKOUTS! Gosh, those were the days!

🏃🏽‍♀️ I can’t forget to mention leading the warm ups for the Gov Cup and Race for the Cure for so many years, I can’t even remember… After leaving Blue Cross, I taught classes at Fuel.

⛽Fuel was home and literally just 2 minutes from MY home. I was also able to teach outside or inside. Made a LOT of good friends–some even followed me from club to club just to take my classes. Then the pandemic hit, which allowed me to go online, develop my own fitness app and create FORCEFIT20! I taught classes live 3 days a week to my very faithful peeps for the last 3 years of my career as a Group Exercise Instructor!!!

🎢 And this is where I exit, saying: IT'S BEEN A GREAT RIDE MY FRIENDS! I couldn’t have done it without you. Your love and support ALWAYS drove me to be the best and do the best I could do, for YOU, my faithful students! My hat comes off to YOU! Thank you for the love.

🤗 Speaking of love...I would LOVE to hear about some of your favorite memories, classes, funny’s you remember or even how you met me…I couldn’t think of a better way to honor a 32 year run.

(P.S. In case you're wondering...I am still Personal Training–gotta keep that hat on for a bit longer!)

Share share share your memories….


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