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The wisdom of Iris...

Ohhhh how my mom loved Iris's. So, whenever I see them, I just have to take advantage of their beauty by showing gratitude and thanks. 🌺

🤷‍♂️Who knew they had so much meaning behind their beauty.

The signify faith, hope, wisdom, courage and admiration. When they are in a bouquet, they symbolize royalty, wisdom and valor. No wonder my mom loved them! ❤

In essential oils, they are used in aromatherapy as sedative medicines. The dried rhizomes are also given whole to babies to help in teething!! 👶

🍸Believe it or not, GIN brands (like Bombay Sapphire and Magellan ) use orris root and sometimes the flowers for flavor and color! Who knew!?

💕What's YOUR favorite kind of flower?


FORCEFIT20!! Who's up for some Power strength today?? Let's ROCK THIS! See you at 12:00 mdt fb live (or catch the replay!)



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