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Transformation Tuesday!

Look at this-- Just LOOK!! Stop scrolling and read....This could be YOU! Do you struggle with mindset? Do you make excuses, oh I'll start next week, I'm too tired, I'll do it later and later never comes? This is EXACTLY what we work on in the Enlightened Transformation program! GOOD JOB girl!! I love everything about this transformation!

#5monthtransformation I am done with some of my meal prepping so I thought I would post this now! I cannot explain how this program has changed my Mindset! With all that is going in the world yesterday, today, and tomorrow there is so much uncertainty. I can honestly say I would be that girl who would be sitting around and making excuses of WHY I can eat this and that food! I would be making excuses why I cannot work out ( I am still working in that totally) but I am improvising with what tools I have on hand! I took the following pictures last week but sheesh it was a rough week of work! I have been this program 21 weeks( 5 months) and I am not done! I have lost a total of 33 pounds and gained muscle..

#NSVmy pants are too big, my shirts are loose, I have a jaw line again, and my skin is clear! I WAS enjoying going to the gym😳!

#WINSthe grocery stores are STILL open and I can still get healthy foods, I can order healthy foods from locally owned restaurants and help them, and I have a few exercise goals I am striving for!!! I will focus on my immunity but I DO KNOW the foods I add to my body assist in this too!


FB Live to be held in FORCEFIT20 group!! Today at 12:00 mdt register now to so you don't miss it!!




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