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Transformation Tuesday!

It's not just about losing weight---it's about getting HEALTHIER and stronger!! Sometimes we need HELP navigating the whole food roller coaster and workout maze. Hiring a professional helps you to do JUST that!! Whether it's being able to do a push up correctly or to find out what YOUR reactive foods are, it's easy to do when you have support, accountability and a coach! Take it from Renae...

#8weekcheckin #nonscalewins People are starting to notice the changes, Jeff says my stamina on hikes is noticeably better. Today's hike was looking at beaver dams in a meadow so far 25,770 steps! I believe my new eating guidelines are better for me. I feel much better. As far as exercise is concerned I love to remember how this one and that one was SO hard and I can do it now - (some things are still hard).

#scalewins I've lost 9.5 pounds and a total of 5 1/4 inches. #Biggesttakeaway I'm so impressed with this journey because it is nothing I would have ever thought to do on my own. I'm so grateful for this experience, for Anneliese, for my supportive husband and for this tribe. ❤




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