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Transformation TUESDAY!

FRIENDS!! This is what I mean when I say change your mind, change your body! Take a read:

#1yearTestimonial #TransformationTuesday Over the last year working with Anneliese Swingle I have learned more about myself then I ever thought possible. I signed up for her 12 week program in July of 2019 to lose a few pounds.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧I started this journey at my heaviest weight ever (including my two pregnancies weights). I was a 212 pound 50 year old wife and mother who had lost herself over the last 15 years giving to everyone except herself. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror any longer and I knew the only one who can make the change would be me. I justified my bad eating/drinking habits and lack of working out of being “too busy”. I was a full time working mom who didn’t have time to take care of herself. And at that time I was OK with that role (at least I thought I was)

😢But after years of hiding behind people when I took pictures, avoiding full length mirrors and not recognizing myself anymore, I decided enough was enough. I was either going to continue to convince myself I was happy 😏 or make a change.

💡 So I made the change and invested in ME!

Along my journey I learned to celebrate my WINs. My #nonscalewins were ✅I learned the importance of eating organic and staying away from toxins ✅what foods were “trigger foods” for ME and why I should avoid ✅ the importance of eating daily and NOT undereating, ✅the importance of hydration and what Inflammation does to the body, ✅the importance of positive self mindset, ✅learning how to control stress so I don’t have 1,2,or 3 glasses of wine nighty to deal with it. I now only drink maybe once a week and I limit myself to 2 glasses max! Cheers!! 🍷🍷

Understanding all these skills has allowed me to: 🔥lose a total of 14 inches (all in my midsection and bottom) 🔥loss 9% body fat 🔥lose 2 dress sizes 🔥Gain more muscle that I have had in years.

💥My #scalewins was losing a total of 22 pounds!! My over all goal was 25 pounds but I know this process will be a lifetime journey and I can’t wait to see myself achieve ALL my goals! I have so much more energy and feel great about myself! I Know I will do great things.

❤️My greatest take away from this program is learning that a positive mindset is key to a life time of healthy living. In this journey there will be no “final destination”, but a process I have learned to love and embrace.

You can do it TOO! And I can help!


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