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Transformation Tuesday!

This is what accountability looks like! This is what support looks like! This is what transformation looks like!

It's not just about the's about the MIND! I'm so proud of Sandy! She has a full plate and she's killing it! She's a new mommy, a wife, lives on a ranch, works 2 jobs and she's got it dialed in!! Check it out:

#8weektestimonal#twoweeksbehind#scalewins Down 15 lbs as of today! #nonscalewins I’m more confident in identifying what I’m doing wrong, and the knowledge about which foods are trouble makers for me has been so helpful. This last month has been incredibly busy with us being on the road almost every week. I’ve done better than I historically have at making good decisions and planning ahead! My husband has commented that he’s glad I’m doing this because he’s eating better too! I’m maintaining good energy levels and the increase of calories at week 4 was exactly what I needed. Looking forward to finishing strong!

SOOOO freaking proud of this amazing woman!! 👏👏👏👏👏




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