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Transformation Tuesday!

Hi fans! I sure hope you enjoy reading these amazing transformation posts as much as I like sharing them!! Can I just point out--MINDSET seems to be a common theme in all the transformations. You can have the perfect eating plan, the best workout plan, but for true sustainability it's all about the MIND!! Take a read and show her some love for her accomplishments these past 12 weeks!

#twelveweektransformation WOW did these weeks fly by! When I first started I worried about my mindset and ‘sticking with this.’ One thing I knew for sure was something needed to change! Being held accountable for exercises and food in MFP was HUGE! I have learned SO MUCH in these past twelve weeks, YES I was overwhelmed, YES I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas and Holiday parties at work, YES I participated in conversations and enjoyed it, YES I received SO much support from friends, family and coworkers, YES I finally started to see my body transform ( take the before and after pictures and do measurements)!

I would have to say my MINDSET has been the biggest change of all! I have had friends and family members ask me questions and be very inquisitive! I have a different appreciation for stretching and exercise! I will always be a work in progress but I have had SO many NSV and WINS. I have been pushed, held accountable, and challenged and needed it all!

#NSV are as small as my rings are now really loose on my fingers, my bras went from being on the tightest fitting to now the loosest one, being able to pull down my jeans without unbuttoning or unzipping them( yes finally bought new ones)! #WINS I went to a spin class and really enjoyed it, I have gone shopping in my own closet, and I have met some of the most encouraging women EVER!!! I am not yet done with this journey, so much more to learn and work on and I cannot wait to see how much more CONFIDENT I become! Left, October 27 and Right, January 19! A dear friend gave me the little nudge I needed and THANK YOU Anneliese Swingle for accepting me into your program!!!


Let's have some TRX fun today people! It won't be like last week (no rest) I promise! HAHA!! Fuel Fitness 12:10 - 12:50



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