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Weighing in...

👉Are you addicted to the scale?

👉Does it dictate your mood every morning after you weigh in?

👉Does it define how you feel about yourself daily?

I officially give you permission to QUIT weighing in!

Let me share 10 scale pearls from MY professional perspective:

1) the scale is NOT your mama!

2) the scale does not OWN you!

3) the scale is a baseline, a starting point!

4) the scale is a truth teller!

5) the scale does not define WHO you are!

6) the scale is an inflammatory gauge!

7) the scale is your friend!

8) the scale is NOT your only friend!

9) the scale does NOT dictate your mood!

10) the scale is not the definition of loving yourself!

Hope this helps! 🤗🥰


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