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Welcome 2020 to Transformation Tuesday!

Words cannot convey the amount of pride, joy and gratitude I have for this amazing woman who said YES to herself 6 months ago. If this doesn't inspire you to be the best YOU you can be in 2020, then I don't know what will!! Take a read:

I’m closing out 2019 with something that’s hard to share but I hope in doing so it will inspire someone to invest in themselves. 😊 I did something I have never done EVER and I did it in 6 months. Yes I had trained before but I never changed my MINDSET or my NUTRITION and I workout hard at least 6 days a week to get the same results. Plus I made all kind of excuses why the weight would not come off. This time it has been different I’m amazed what I have accomplished with a science based training, nutrition, dedication, positive mindset and hard work! 😥 🩸No magic diets, pills or special shakes. Not to say none of those things work or other “diets” work- what I’m saying is find something you’ll stick with where you won’t relapse in old bad habits like I did. Avoid “get thin quick” gimmicks. Find a lifestyle you LOVE and stick with it. And If I can emphasize anything don’t expect immediate results. That’s what leads to people giving up. I absolutely love working out and I found no matter how much I tried I couldn’t “work out a bad diet” trust me I tried really hard. I eventually gained weight. So If I can do this so can YOU! 👍🏼 Love yourself to commit to a healthy you. Set a goal and keep yourself accountable. I would highly recommend in investing in yourself. I chose to spend money on a wonderful coach with a good training program, rather than on medical bills because of bad health. 💉 ❤️I am thankful for my wonderful coach Anneliese! Without her and my fitness 🥇tribe, I would still be seeing no results, disappointed in myself, and suffering with a negative mindset. I have committed another 3 more months to work with her. I’m not done yet. I still stumble and need guidance from her and my team. 🦋I'm not sure what 2020 holds for me, but what I do know is that a HEALTHY ME will be my focus. 💪🏼Here’s to a year filled with love, family, friends, good health and a strong 2020!

What are YOU waiting for? Isn't it time you said yes too? Let's do this! Comment below: I'm READY!



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