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What do I stand for?

During my journey, getting crystal clear on my beliefs as a trainer was key!

I could see how easy is was to become confused and frustrated as to what was truth and what was false in the health and fitness world. Because there are so many philosophies and so many opinions out there, I knew it was even MORE important to share my journey of struggles with those struggling the same way.

That's why I don't buy into the "calories in must be less than the calories out" theory. It just doesn't hold true in all situations. 9 times out of 10, the people I work with under eat their calories, and yet still struggle to lose weight. I'm sorry--that just proves the theory does not hold true. So, what does?

Through my own process, I've discovered it's all about reactive foods. I have learned that certain foods cause inflammation every time I eat them which IS a reaction; and inflammation long term, untreated, causes weight gain! I developed a nutrition plan that teaches people to discover what foods are reactive to them and what works for them. It's NOT a one size fits all eat this, don't eat that. It's literally a plan that works for every BODY 100% of the time.

So don't buy into the "calories in must be less than calories out" theory. Discover what works for you and buy into a health coach/personal trainer who's been there, done that and created a plan just for you!!

If you want help with getting off the diet merry go round and want to really find a plan that works for you, then comment below "ME"!




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