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What keeps me going?

Honestly? What keeps me going is...LAUGHTER! (Well, and sunshine of course). 🌞

But I'm going to have to settle on laughter, hands down. And with this crew, there's plenty of that to go around. 🤗

I love to laugh, and not just a little giggle, I'm talking about a big old belly laugh, one that makes tears roll down your face, one that makes your cheeks hurt, one that makes your belly shake and ache all at the same time. THAT kind of laughter!!

😞 If you haven't noticed I went silent a couple of years ago. Not much laughter going on for me. Covid, lockdowns, not seeing my peeps, leaving Fuel Fitness, really catapulted me on the journey I've been on since 2020. Don't get me wrong---it was ALL good, and ALL so very necessary. I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today had none of that happened.

So--yes, everything happens for a reason. I'm glad I came out on the other side and am able to recognize that now. Laughter, joy, bliss and truly living life is what life is all about! 💫

Now, I ask you...what keeps you going? 🤔




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