Who am I now?

Welcome to part 4 of my journey!

So here I am working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield as a Health and Wellness Fitness Educator traveling across the state telling people to move more and eat clean all the while I was struggling with my own weight and trying to move more. I was starting to realize I was not in alignment with what I said or believed. I was not able to walk the walk and talk the talk. How could I be an authority on what I preached if I was unable to do it myself?

While I was at a wedding in Mesa, Arizona - far away from work, where I could be still, meditate and really think about my mission as a human being, as a trainer, as an EDUCATOR - it hit me like a ton of bricks....


So I did. I was 6 months away from being fully vested, and I quit! Who does that? Who just takes the leap and hopes the net will appear? Apparently I DO! Remember? The one who takes the road less traveled? The one who does it kicking and screaming? Yep! Me! Sheesh!

It's pretty amazing what can happen when you cut the cords...you FLY! I started training full time out of my own home. I was now my own boss. Slowly I built my clientele. Word of mouth is the BEST form of advertising (thank you my dearest clients - you know who you all are).

In fact, I moved into a new house with a stand alone studio RIGHT next to me and started training small groups again, one on one clients and corrective exercises clients. I kept growing and growing until I got to a point I could grow no more.

That's when I took my business ONLINE! I am now able to help others ANYWHERE they live - No schedule restraints, no time restraints, 24/7 not for just 1 hour - I can share my journey, my nutrition plan, my mindset work and of course my WORKOUTS all on an app! It's better than what I could have ever dreamed.

All my life I knew I was destined to help people. I just didn't know how and to what extent it would look like! I'm so glad I cut those cords.

Here's to flying!

If my story spoke to you at all or it resonated with you on some level, please comment below.


3 cheers for Power Strength today at Fuel Fitness 12:10 - 12:50. We had a GREAT turn out last week. You coming this week??



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